Monday, September 27, 2010


Web browsing is probably the main reason as to why most will buy an iPad. Through its Wi-Fi or 3G wireless connections, you will be able to surf the Internet using Apple's browser Safari.

Safari has been adapted to work perfectly within the iOS system. You can view pages in both portrait or landscape mode and the Multi-Touch screen brings a new experience to web browsing. With its 1024×768 resolution, everything is crisp and clear on the 9.7-inch screen.

Using your finger you can scroll rapidly through a page, enlarge a section of the page, pinch to zoom in or out. You can open multiple pages and links, which will be shown in a beautiful thumbnail page. In total you can have up to nine tabs open and switch between them by clicking an icon that brings tab thumbnails. You can easily save, copy or email images and text.

From my personal experience web pages loads fast and the Multi-Touch screen is extremely responsive and precise. You can easily synch your bookmarks from your Mac or PC to your iPad.

You can choose to always show the bookmarks bar. Security settings include fraud warning, in addition to cookie and autofill settings. You can block pop-ups and turn JavaScript on and off.

Safari supports HTML5 but not Adobe's Flash, which has been a major turn off to some. So far for me it has not been a problem as most of the site I visit religiously on a daily basis don't have any Flash based content.

Overall I'd say that the web browsing experience with Safari on the iPad is great. Being able to use your fingers to quickly go where you want brings the whole experience to a new level of enjoyment.

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